EXTRA-MILE: Making an In Person Drop

“Overdeliver. Overdeliver. Overdeliver. That’s how you go the extra mile.”
— Gary Ryan Blair

If you want to gain more than you desire, you have to leave your comfort zone, experience challenges and then passing the barriers with efforts make you feel the joy of your success. Either you win or you learn something new from the experience. Nowadays it’s a trend to apply online, but personal mode delivery has the potential to set you apart from competition and gives an impression of a thoughtful and professional manner.

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds”
— Francis Bacon

Last week, I contacted my university fellows and got to know about a vacancy of a Lab technologist in Sundas foundation, Sialkot. I decided to give it a visit and make a personal drop of my resume. I was bit excited about meeting the lab Incharge as I had my research about lab and #superhero resume with me. I called the receptionist, and got for the time for meeting Incharge without telling them my purpose. I got time of one day later.

Sundas Foundation, Model Town, Sialkot.

Reaching there, I had to face challenges as I found that the incharge had gone for some urgent work and he will arrive 1 hour later. I patiently waited for an hour, when Lab Inchage finally showed up but I had to wait for more half an hour to meet him.

Finally, it was my time to present for what I had prepared. He excused me and started the conversation by asking me about university, my research project and supervisors as he was an Alumni. He saw my resume, asked me few questions about my previous job and what I was doing in that gap of one year. I tried to follow all rules of Passenger series I learnt at Amal Academy. I also presented my elevator pitch in front of him. After having all the conversation, he told me that unfortunately he had already hired a Lab Technologist 2days ago as it was the urgent need and he was coming from the head office after finalizing the post. He appreciated me, handed over his visiting card and assured me that he will let me know if he find any job vacancy related to my field in Sialkot.

Though, I did not immediately got the job, but I learned a lesson that I should tell the purpose of meeting before and I should approach as soon as I get to know about the job because of high competition. Also I learned to be more confident and ready for both acceptation or rejection.
Never give up and try again. One day you will be the champion!